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Tim is an experience IT executive who has worked as an IT Director and Senior Consultant over the last 15 years in different sectors, cultures and operating models – from start-ups through small and medium business to large multinational corporates. He now concentrates on working with leaner, less ‘corporate’ organisations, helping them identify their most suitable IT roadmap and ensure that current capabilities meet their business needs.

Tim’s expertise is working with clients in identifying, simplifying and implementing the correct IT services by reducing operational costs and risks whilst increasing efficiency and robustness, primarily with small and medium sized business. He works alongside the management team to ensure their IT capabilities, both in-house and 3rd party, are fit for purpose and meet both their day to day operational needs and strategic goals. He is highly experienced in mentoring and advising the existing IT teams or identifying the services and skills to best outsource to IT specialist suppliers.

As technology becomes more fundamental to businesses, Tim applies his wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences in helping clients keep pace, be compliant and secure.