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“Everyone should experience Stephanie at least once in their lives!”

Stephanie Hughes was a presenter on BBC national TV and radio for 18 years, communicating her insights and passions from the most intimate radio programmes to flag-waving international broadcasts. Since setting up her own communication skills & personal development company in 2005, she has been coaching at all company levels (from C-Suite to young graduate entrants), helping both individuals and teams.

She is dedicated to helping men and women communicate in the best possible way, whatever the situation. Stephanie can provide expertise in:

  • crafting and rehearsing specific presentations
  • delivering new business pitches, or fundraising proposals
  • developing the listening skills vital to building powerful client relationships
  • equipping key personnel to better empathise with and inspire their staff
  • preparing for a life-changing interview
  • running successful meetings…

She also has specialist coaching skills to help people who get anxious or nervous about presenting in public, or who might be dealing with particularly stressful work situations.